Monday, 9 June 2014


As you probably know, Angelic Pretty no longer ships internationally. Instead, you have to the shipping service called Tenso. All that means is that they give you your own Tenso mailing address. So instead of your items going to the international shipping centre and being shipped, they go to Tenso instead. So really, the process isn't all that different!

Signing up to the new Angelic Pretty website was really difficult as it's all in Japanese. I managed to put my surname and forename the wrong way around and you can't change it!! I also signed up as soon as it went up in the hopes of getting a cute special set, so there weren't guides then! I think it should be easier to work out now. However the website still kinda sucks as the old one was in English and had stock counts and everything. I kinda miss it.

Anywho, I preordered Cosmic Series on May 30th and figured I'd buy the new catalogue & some wristcuffs to match. They got to Tenso on the 5th of June, and arrived with me today on the 9th. Seems pretty speedy to me! However you have to confirm your address on Tenso before they will ship to you (they claim it's Japanese law, and yet they're happy to illegally mark down item value?!), and it seems like they will only ship EMS. Which is annoying as I ended up paying ¥1,500 (only £9, but still) postage when I'd have happily waited longer for cheaper non-tracked post. My Tenso fee was 490yen (£3). Shipping to Tenso was ¥450 (£3).

Yay, pink goodness! This must have been AP's packaging, and it was in a document mailer.

The goods. I love how they always send a carrier bag.

The catalogue was ¥864 (£5). It wasn't really worth that as there aren't many pages, but the photos of the new collections are lovely. It probably helps that I love all of their stuff recently! I wish I could justify buying it all!

These wristcuffs were ¥3,456 (£20). I probably should have bought some in a colour that would match more things, but these were the cutest style I could find. Turns out they're a little big on my wrists, but the quality is much better than for any other wristcuffs I've seen and they're a good match for Radiant Candelight and hopefully won't be too much darker than Cosmic Series (and they'd match Crystal Dream Carnival, but I've no chance of getting my hands on it unless it goes to order production which is unlikely).

Overall I'd say this new system is no different to the old one. You just get a bit more flexibility with shipping than before, and you have to rely on Google Translate a little more!

Now the long hard wait for Cosmic to come...

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