Saturday, 7 June 2014

Shopping for Work...Sort Of.

On Tuesday I had to go shopping by myself as I had to throw out my work shoes! They had completely worn through at the heels and the sole was hanging I threw them out and was left with no suitable shoes to wear! Obviously I ended up buying too much random stuff and eating too much junk as well, as per usual.

Random bits and bobs from Waterstones, HMV, H&M, Entertainer, & Boots! New comics (Adventure Time & Rat Queens), CDs (Dave McPherson & Bring Me The Horizon), toys, phone case, & hair dye.

Crop and shorts from H&M (I already own these shorts in a bigger size but they stretched out like crazy and won't stay up anymore), and my new work shoes! They're Slazenger ones from SoccerSports and they only cost £13.99 haha.

Aaaand obligatory Primark haul. I actually put back most of the stuff that I wanted! I can't really feel bad about buying pants and socks I guess, but I probably shouldn't have bought more vests!

I also bought fudge for Rob, Sesame Street stuff for mum, pirate socks for my bro, and chocolate for my dad. I'm so generous~ haha.

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