Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I really need to stop shopping! My room is a ridiculous hoarder's mess and I need to throw things out, but doing so gives me crazy panic attacks. No choice but try to soldier through it, but it's so hard! My style changes all the time so if I get rid of something I know I'll want it back a few months down the line.

First up is my most recent Black Milk order! Impulse buys as they went limited. The Burned Velvet Sheer Spartans were $90 (£50.35), and they look pretty cool but I have no idea how to wear them as you can see pants through! I'll also have to remove the labels are they show as well haha. Crazy Cat Lady Reversible Skater Dress was $85 (£47.55) and is almost completely sold out now, so I'm glad I took a chance on it. I did get hit with around £30 customs though, which stung.

The print looks so much better in real life! I wore it today as I couldn't wait to give it a go. The new cut made me a little uncomfortable at first as it's cut much lower in the front and I don't really have the chest for it, but I still like it.

Here I am modelling it by a giant kitten in town! All cats, all the time.

This Wet Look Cheerleader Skirt was waiting for me when I got home. I got it on Ebay for £22 and although it's tagged it has white stains on =/ I should be able to clean it up, but the lying seller doesn't seem likely to give me any money back. The cut looks really uneven too, but hopefully I can get wear out of it anyway.

Whilst in town I was finally able to find this lucky cat top in H&M in (hopefully) my size! I also found a reduced Pinkie Pie in Claire's, & Rob treated me to a Pokémon booster and some loose cards in Pink Planet =3 he also bought me a yummy hot chocolate in Costa to make up for the disappointment of BOTH bubble tea shops being closed down.

Lastly, my Y-R-U Qosmos that I ordered from Schuh! They were £55 each and I was supposed to buy one pair, but I couldn't choose. They have 365 day returns, so I figure I can just return them if I never use them. I'm a little disappointed with how they look close up, but it's not like it notices when worn. One shoe has a bump where the logo is stitched on the heel which sucks and will probably cause blisters, but I think it would be too much hassle to try to exchange them =[ other than that they seemed pretty comfy when I tried them on, and fit well considering I have really awkwardly sized feet.

Honestly they don't look right on my tiny feet and stumpy twiggy-ankled legs, but I just love them! Hopefully I can wear them a lot and hopefully my mum won't kill me for buying new things (she will).

I accidentally bought a bunch more things on Ebay, AND have Battle of the Kings Black Milk on the way. Must try really hard to avoid all shopping now -_-

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  1. Love your new shoes! And the pattern of your dress is gorgerous! **

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