Saturday, 22 February 2014


Yesterday I turned 23! Getting old...

On Thursday I had a meal with a few friends!

We went to Wetherspoons and I had a yummy curry (with added jalapenos which was a bold move)...

...and a scrummy chocolate brownie sundae!

I wore Holy Lantern finally.

And my nails matched my bag perfectly!

On Friday I went shopping with Rob.

I wore the amazing Spreepicky Sailor Moon sweater that Sophie got me! I probably looked like a raging weeb but I really don't care because I love it ♥

My present hasn't arrived yet, so Rob spoilt me in Forbidden Planet!

So miuch Gunter stuff. I really want to go back to buy the BMO sweater.

I also bought a bunch of stuff in Primark, although I may return the shirts as I had to buy size 14 because the cuts are too straight (I'm actually an 8/10 so it pisses me off).

And junk foods! Most of this was from 99p Stores, but the Pick 'n' Mix was only £1.99 in Wilkinsons even though it's a huge cup! I never get Pick 'n' Mix, and have only had it once before, so I may have been over-excited about it.

We went to Wetherspoons again for lunch, but no pudding this time.

The weather was mostly really nice, so I wish we could have gone to the beach as well.

Returned home to find this massive balloon!

In the evening, my dad took me to a gig at the O2 Academy.

All We Are we first, and they were good!

And then the headliners, Warpaint. Who were also really good. I don't really have much else to say haha.

I only got a banana and some lunch money from my parents. Fml. Dad was supposed to be desperation-gifting me a tablet for no reason since he randomly has a spare one, but no sign of it yet and I don't want to ask for it as that seems rude =/ my laptop is packing in though, so it would be useful to get it set up.

So now it's Saturday and I have work, and feel really tired and depressed after actually feeling happy for once. Such is life.


  1. I love your skirt! This print is really beautiful!
    And... happy birthday dear!

    ❤ ✿ VISIT MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  2. I love your outfit, you're so cute! And gifts are so lovely :-)
    Time For Tea And Cupcakes

  3. Happy Late Birthday! 23 isn't old, I'm 23 too! Enjoy the year!