Sunday, 12 February 2012

My month so far...& Karaoke!

Well I always knew February was going to be hectic, but I'm exhausted already and we still have over two weeks of it left!

I've finally finished programming my cognitive task (or will have once I figure out which port I need to use), which means I now have to start finding participants and carrying out my study. It will be horrible. I get really nervous meeting new people, and I have to touch them =| it'll also be dead boring for me, having to sit in a room while they play some horrid video game and do really long boring tasks. I doubt I'll get anyone to take part, and any that do will surely drop out really quickly *le sigh*

Last Wednesday we had a placements conference, which meant we had to see some presentations about our dissertations and final year options and then had to stand by our posters for a couple of hours to answer questions asked by any second years interested in our placements. It sounds really dull but it wasn't too bad since all my coursemates were there and I haven't seen them since June or something! Afterwards there was a small session involving wine and food, then we went to the Plug bar. Then I dashed straight to Bexy's for drinkies, to the Hob pub and then out to Discord.

So I was on my feet all day really, having left the house at 8.30 and not getting back until 3.30!

I've been generally running around last week anyway, going to and from town on various errands. Then there was the whole being dumped fiasco on Thursday night =| I won't go into too much detail because I'll just get upset again, but yeh we're back together now. If he'd just talked to me instead of breaking my heart -_- I'm still a bit confused and really freaking paranoid about it happening again, and what a way to trash a 5 year relationship. I was worried about it being really fucking awkward after which is was, but I think we're pretty much back to how we were before now, just the extra worry and horrible memories. It took a lot out of me, leaving me even more exhausted.

Yesterday I went to Bristol for some retail therapy and karaoke...yet more running around! It was really fun though, and I guess made up for the crapness of the few days before.

Here are the things I bought:

A talking Starly from Toys R Us! I went in there to look for ponies but they didn't have any I particularly wanted.

Bunch of clothes from Primark. Turns out everything I bought (apart from the socks) is too small =| I already bought a size up, goddamnit! And they didn't have the next size up. Ergh. I can wear everything, just the swan top doesn't sit right and the other two items are skin-tight!

Bunch of G3 ponies from Family Bargains! They're so dusty and gross from however many years in storage xP

The karaoke place was pretty awesome! We went to Obento, so we had delicious Japanese food. I had vegetable yakisoba (and cucumber maki that I stole from Sophie's bento!). I was worried about leaving my shoes outside of the room...noooo my burandoooooo haha.

Ziggy, Sophie, myself, and Hayley. Coz the room was so tiny there aren't really any good photos! I have my eyes closed and my gob open (singing) in just about all of them. And after all the worry about not knowing any songs, I ended up singing along to just about every one (I won't share the video evidence, I was a little bit drunk and my singing is terrible at the best of times!).

When it was time to leave, most of us went on to a goth club thingy (thanks very much to Leah who gave me a lift home after, otherwise I'd have had to dash to the bus station straght away to get home!). It was pretty cool in there, even though I didn't know any music and had too many bags to dance! Here's the only oufit shot I have from the evening.

Some details.

So yeah, just this week was an emotional rollercoaster and I wish I could sleep and lazy around for a few days, but no luck there. Have so much more to do this month, hope nothing else messes up as I can't take it lol.

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