Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hyper Japan, 2012

Yes, I went to Hyper Japan again! This time just for the one day.

I had to get up at 5.30am to give myself enough time to get ready and walk to town for my 7.13am train! Thankfully I got to the station in plenty of time, there were no delays and I didn't get lost when trying to figure out the tube!

I ended up arriving at the venue at around 9, where I accidentally waltzed into the venue when only staff and exhibitors were supposed to be in there! I casually used the toilet there and then left to join the actual queue which was the other side of the building, opposite Earl's Court tube station as opposed to West Brompton (the station the website said to use...booooooo!). They didn't let us in until around 9.45am.

I scooted around quickly to get my bearings, dropped off my Milky Planet replica at the bring and buy, and watched the sake awards while waiting for the others to arrive! When they did, we started to look around. The bring and buy didn't open for aaaaaaaaaaaaages so we kept hanging around there so we could snatch up the things we wanted! Unfortunately all the items I wanted were really overpriced, or were bought before I had the chance to get them =[ my dress sold though!

We made sure to be at the stage for the fashion show, although it was soooo busy that we were stuck right at the back where we could barely see! And then my camera ran out =| so all my photos were blurry and it became too slow to catch people when they were posing!

Afterwards we wandered again, and took photos! I was glad that we were able to go outside for fresh air every now and then, which also gave me a rest from my bags (they were soooo heavy, the day after I was barely able to move my arms!). The day was so sunny and warm!

Monika, myself, Amy, Bexy, Ziggi.

And again, but with a panda =P

We each got our bows tied by the cute lady on the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright stall! There were some gorgeous things for sale, but their prices had been bumped up by around 40%! There was an Alice and the Pirates brocade JSK I fell in love with, but I can't afford a £300 dress right now =[

When I went to collect my money from the bring and buy, I saw these cute two-way clips made of foam! I really wanted the swan one but couldn't justify the spend...but I really want to make some foam things myself now =3

In the end, we left at around 3.30pm. I got a lift back with Lloyd, Bexy, and Amy. I was sooooo grateful - my train wasn't until 9.30pm as I thought everyone would stay until the end of the event! We'd already exhausted our browsing possibilities, wallets, and ourselves though. We had Burger King on the way back =P

Here are the things I picked up throughout the day!


Magazines. I was hoping the main stall would have Keras, but it didn' I had to splash out on a GLB! I couldn't resist the Popteen either (oops, backwards in this pic). I bought them as soon as I arrived, which was just as well since they both sold out, but they were so heavy and it meant I blew £30 as soon as I entered! The Keras were from the bring and buy. I wanted more, but there was no way I could have carried any more than I did! I also bought a glow-in-the-dark blind bag Pinkie Pie from the My Little Pony stall. I don't get why there was one as MLP isn't Japanese...but not as weird as the punk in the fashion show (he wasn't even wearing Japanese brands, so he couldn't have been more British!).

Totally cute Wonder Story rings made by Kyra! Eeek they were so expensive though...I assumed they were £5 as that label was much closer to them than the £10 label =| I managed to snap the little bunny off on my bag when I was wearing it, so I have to buy some decent glue so I wear the cute little guy again!

I also got some gifts from my friends ♥

When I got back home I was so exhausted, but got excited when I saw a big pile of packages outside my door! I thought I'd share the cute things here since they tie in to the Japan-themed day. I also had some velvet leggings and a velvet skirt.

Book of Clow! I've wanted one since I was a child. My dad tried to buy me one once, but they would go for ridiculous prices on eBay! I lucked out and found this one for a mere £14 =D

Creamy Mami tee from RetroMagicStore. The print is odd as she looks like she has cuts all over her, but you only notice it close-up.

I had a really good day, although I'm still recovering from it now! Did anyone else go too?

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