Thursday, 23 February 2012

Fairy-Kei Day 23 ~ FOOD

☆ Day twenty-three: 10 of your favourite foods.

Blahhh I love a lot of food, so this will be tricky! Damn, I'm getting hungry already and I haven't even listed anything yet!

In no particular order...

  • Spaghetti bolognese - my mum makes a really good one which I've made in the past too. Can't beat a good Quorn bolognese with generous helpings of cheese!

  • Cheese on toast - I used to eat it for breakfast every day but am trying to cut down because it was making me put on weight! So delicious though. My favourite is Milk Roll break with Monterey Jack cheese on as it goes so crunchy and omnomnom.

  • Jelly Tots - one of my favourites from when I was a kid, although I only ever have them around Christmas when they are available in big tubes.

  • Onion rings - since places used to be bad for veggie food, I often found myself having onion rings and fries wherever I ate least they're delicious!

  • Bourbon Creams - the best biscuits for dunking into cups of tea.

  • Skittles - I was addicted these for a while, but I had to stop eating them since they put my calorie intake up to 3000 a day haha.

  • Cabbage - a lot of people hate it, but that just means more for me! I only like the white kind though.

  • Raspberries - berries are the tastiest fruits, raspberries are especially sweet and delicious.

  • Chocolate - Cadbury's is probably the best, especially Easter eggs! I love white chocolate too though.

  • Thai Sweet Chili Sensations - I love crisps, and these are the best-tasting ones!

Phew, time for lunch now!


  1. im totally having quorn spag bol for tea today :D

    1. Ugh I'm so jealous! I'm having a pastry plait did I forget to add pastry to my list?!