Saturday, 18 February 2012

Fairy-Kei Day 21 ~ Anime

☆ Day twenty-one: 5 of your favourite cartoons.

I'm just going to list anime here as there aren't really any cartoons I watch (although I'll always love Fairly Odd Parents!).

No particular order.

  • Cardcaptor Sakura - this will ALWAYS be my favourite anime. It was the first anime I watched subbed as I wanted to rewatch Cardcaptors (I used to get up at 7am to watch it originally...which speaks volumes) and the dub wasn't available. If it weren't for this anime, I'd have never had any interest in Japan. I loved Pokémon and Digimon before it, but I was more into the games than the animes. So for me, Cardcaptor Sakura is the one that started it all! It's also kidna responsible for me discovering lolita and other Japanese fashions, because the battle costumes are sooooo cute!

  • Sailor Moon - I'm actually only half way through watching this as subbed episodes disappeared! I only have a couple hours left on the download though so I can carry on. It's not the best anime, but it's a biggie. And I just love magical girl shows ^_^'

  • Creamy Mami - I only watched a few episodes starting this week, but I love it already! And it's like 30 years old which I find really cool. Although I hope she uses her magic more in later episodes!

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! - I love all the series that I've watched so far, and don't think I can pick a favourite. This show completely passed me by when I was a kid as Pegasus's freaky Millennium eye scared me too much so I couldn't watch it! I'm yet to watch 5Ds or ZeXal yet.

  • Love*Com - Full name Lovely Complex. It's sweet and funny and makes you cry like a baby in places!

Pretty hard to choose just 5 to talk about, as I realise that I've missed out Death Note, Eden of the East, Mermaid Melody, Nana, etc. But I though of those 5 first so I'm sticking with it =P if you like anime, you should check them all out though! Except maybe Yu-Gi-Oh. I think that may be an acquired taste!


  1. oooh do you have an links so i can watch creamy mami online? it always looks so cute!

    1. I've been watching it on here

      Though I think my Sailor Moon download is finished now...don't know which to finish watching first!