Monday, 5 December 2011

Winter International Lolita Day, 2011

As the frillier among you probably know, Saturday was Winter International Lolita Day! So of course, we had a meet in town.

I was being overly picky about choosing my hair accessories, so in the end I just shoved stuff onto my head...but I kinda like how it turned out! I would have just been dull and worn a headbow like I usually do, but turns out that the one I had in mind looks stupid with no fringe/bangs! Here's my outfit:

I am wearing Holy Night Story by Angelic Pretty, which is one of my all-time favourite prints. IT HAS GLITTER! Bag is also Angelic Pretty, shoes and jacket are Bodyline, the rest is offbrand. I actually really like this sort of's still sweet, but also kind of not? I don't really know what it is, but I think it suits me better than straight sweet either way.

I love my little robin. He's actually a Christmas decoration!

I'm stupidly proud of my candy cane nails. I want to learn to do more nail art as it seems pretty fun so far - need to get thinking of other Christmassy/Wintery themes and motifs I can use!

For the meet itself we met up at the train station and then headed to a strudel bar. Unfortunately it was full (although it looks amazing and I will definitely try to go again!), as was pretty much everywhere else. I knew it'd be busy being near Christmas and all, but it was INSANE! I have no idea how long we were walking around for, but eventually we had to split up to get in anywhere. I ended up having a nutritious lunch of McDonald's fries, which wasn't filling in the least (luckily I'm less hungry when with lots of people!). Despite all the hassle it was still a good chance to talk to people, I don't think I've seen such a large group of lolitas in a 'natural' setting before. It was awesome!

Monika made these awesome little gifts for everyone - she's so sweet! I got this cute charm and the ice-cream ring I am wearing in the photo above.

Sadly some people had to leave before we went to the Christmas market, but here's a bunch of us with Santa:

We got to try hot spicy cider which was really delicious and chocolate wine which was less so. Some of the stalls looked pretty interesting but the place was packed!

I ended up buying these cute earrings from the indoor market for just 50p!

After pottering around a little we ended up doing the usual and heading to our local pub. While it was pretty busy there too, we at least got to rest our feet (my shoes may look pretty but after trotting around in them all day...). Ended up meeting two guys who chatted to us for ages. They really liked my clothes and said that my dress 'does all the right things in all the right places'. Apparently. Haha can't say I've ever had that comment before.

Also had a really awkward conversation with one of them as he kept asking me questions and pushing me to answer them. Not in a mean way, mind you - he said I came across as shy and said I wouldn't ever figure out what I wanted to do with my life unless I talk about it. And you know, people don't usually ask these questions. Or when they do, they don't really listen. So while awkward, it was still kinda nice because I've been bogged down by that rubbish for a while now but with no one to talk to who wouldn't judge me haha. Although was extra weird because he called me attractive, which is again one I haven't heard before Dx

Afterwards we went back to Bexy's for a little drinking session. I won't share any photos from that because I look far too derp in them all! I ended up crashing there sinces buses are poop, so I only got back home (and into more comfortable footwear) Sunday afternoon!

Now I am pretty exhausted as Saturday was a bit of a hectic day and I haven't been sleeping well for a few days. That doesn't seem likely to change though as I have to be up in about 7 hours and all of my housemates are still up! Sorry that was such a long post, I could have rambled on a lot longer but I didn't want to bore you all too much ^_^'

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