Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Glitterhell Review

When I first saw Glitterhell clothes on my Tumblr dash, I fell a little in love. When I saw that there was a clearance sale and a black sweater, I just had to order!

My order was confirmed on the 30th November and arrived today (7th December), which is pretty good since it came all the way from America on the cheapest postal option (a mere $10).

Here are my items!

Post card (with washing instructions on the back) and a sticker! I already used the one off the packaging on the back of my diary. Also the pack was filled with cute sequins! Which naturally are now absolutely everywhere hehe.

My tees!

Decarabia unisex sweater in S size. The fit isn't bad considering it's unisex. The sleeves are a little long on me and it's a little baggy, but that's just because I have short arms and needed it this big to accomodate my lovehandles ^_^' The material isn't what I was expecting, you can see the weave in it, but it's still soft. It just means the print doesn't look as perfect as on the tee, but that is only noticeable close up. This cost $35.

See, makes me look a little shapeless, but I'm actually wearing another long sleeved top underneath so it's perfect for Winter! And the print is so adorable.

Halphas white tunic in ladies M. Now here's where I got confused as I thought I'd ordered a pink one, but assumed I'd ordered wrong or just changed my mind at the last minute. When I tried it on, it was RIDICULOUSLY long. As in, I could wear it as a dress and I don't say that about tops at all because I'm a total prude. So I checked my confirmation, and I wasn't going crazy - I'd ordered a pink scoop neck. So they got my order wrong! As it happens, I think I prefer the white now, but I don't think I can keep this shirt as it doesn't suit my body shape due to the length. If it was just that bit shorter or a bit more flared at the bottom it would have been fine =[ Cost only $15 anyway. I'll probably try it on again tomorrow with some leggings to see what it looks like and decide what to do then. If I lost some weight it'd look fine *sighs and prods fat bottom*

Communication was good as there is no size chart, but they told me which size would be best for me and were very accurate. Responses were very quick too! Also the correct tee will be shipped out soon and I get to keep the wrong one, which is really kind!

I will almost certainly order again as the products were cheap and good quality (not to mention cute!). I kinda want a Flauros print tee sometime because she has a crown xP I'm pleased overall as I can already tell I'm going to be wearing my black sweater a helluva lot over Winter!


  1. hideously jealous! been reblogging them for so long now but never got my arse in gear to buy anything from them -.-

  2. I haven't heard of this store and it is super cute! I might order something from them now!