Friday, 16 December 2011

A Wild Lolita Appears!

So today I was walking home in annoyance after a major fail of a shopping trip, when I see a girl wearing a really cute skirt. I do a double take. 'That's a Meta print,' my mind says, which is odd as I don't know Meta too well and it wasn't a print I recognised...but it was DEFINITELY a Metamorphose skirt. I then notice a round bag with a big bow on it, and look down to see red tea party shoes. A LOLITA!

The skirt was something like this (this is the closest I can find)...but much prettier IRL!

I never know what to do in these situations. If I'd been wearning lolita I'd have said something for sure, but as I wasn't I didn't want to be an annoyance! Although that said I can't imagine she'd have had many comments today since her outfit was so casual (I only noticed because the skirt caught my eye!).

I wish I'd said something's so rare to see a lolita out and about, especially when it is someone you don't know. It's only happened once before, and that was when a group of us were in the Hob having our lolita drinking session. But that lolita blanked us, so we assumed she didn't want to talk to us T_T

Have you ever seen a wild lolita before? How did you react? I want to know what I should say/do the next time it happens!

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