Friday, 2 December 2011

Fairy-kei Day 3 ~ My Room

☆ Day three: A picture or video of your bedroom.

Haha I'd been meaning to do one of these things for ages. My room is a total tip, even though I literally just cleaned it the best I could. And yeah I'm in my pajamas and wearing no make-up, I hope my appearance doesn't scare you off!

Stupid how nervous I get talking to a camera. And when I'm nervous my accent changes ¬_¬

Sorry about how shitty and narrow it is. This is my first time using the camera on my iPhone, and it filmed everything sideways so I had to rotate it. And apparently the back camera films more narrowly than the front camera. What a heap of poop! Lucky I have this phone for music and not for camera.

But yes, enough complaints and excuses. Enjoy my room!

Did you see my hot chocolate with marshmallows? Scrummy!

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