Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Overview

Didn't have a great Christmas, unfortunately. My brother was ill, so I barely got to see him all day and it meant that we weren't all together. Went to my grandparents' house with dad for lunch (our big roast) and to nan's with mum in the evening. Luckily the kids weren't too irritating! Tuuli was actually quite cute. I guess it was an alright day, I just didn't feel Christmassy at all this year. I think I'm too old!

I wore Twinkle Ornament in a casual coord. I was expecting my mum to flip out, but she only saw me in it for a while which is why I got away with it, I think. Gran seemed to like it - she's a seamstress so she could see the quality haha.

Check out my epic new slippers! I was wearing heels, but I switched as soon as I opened these.

Onto presents! All the books, CDs, DVDs were on my list...I had to write random things on my list because otherwise I wouldn't have gotten anything! Wish I'd thought to ask for a DS game or two, as I have nothing to play with =[

My sack is the tiny red one haha.

From my parents:

Dad said there are still 2 gifts that haven't arrived yet, but I'm pretty sure they are a CD (Million Dead) and a DVD (Frank Turner). Unless I get really lucky and one of them is the bookshelf which was actually the thing I wanted most (since I actually need one!).

From my grandparents (apart from the fluffy socks which were from my aunt):

From my aunt:

Going to try to get a lucky pack or two for myself (out of my own money since I didn't get any money this year as I'm too old for gifts according to the rest of my family), but I'm pretty sure I won't be successful. Will have to try online as I can't get an in-store SS *le sigh*

Biffy loved his present! I took more cute photos of him after, but haven't uploaded them yet.

And Candy enjoyed the empty bags and wrapping paper while we were eating lunch!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

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