Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas! Early Gifts =3

Haha sorry I always post all of my gifts up, and I thought I'd do one of my early gifts! I usually don't like to open presents before Christmas, but I kinda had to open ones from Rob while with him and so I opened all the other gifts I had received on the same day. Be warned - there be ponies ahead!

These were from Rob! I'd been wanting Celestia for ages, and now I finally have her! Apparently the Rainbow Dash set was an impulse buy on his part =P I have so many ponies now!

This stuff is from Rob's mum...OMG THE BOOTS! I'd been wanting some like this, but I hadn't seen them anywhere! Not sure about the coats as I'm much more of a black person that white, but I'm going to try to work them into my wardrobe. I'm hoping the chavvy one can be customised somehow to work with fairy-kei. Any ideas? I also had some glittery bath stuff =3

This necklace was from Sophie! It's so cute, although I'm scared to pull the tag out just in case it sets itself off all time (...but I'm curious to see what it does!).

And these were from Bexy! I love how much pony stuff I got, my friends are AWESOME xP

I dithered over getting the Happy Girl lucky pack in pink since the black salopette set was already sold out, but I have decided to leave it. I might try to get the JSK from it after New Year, when I have sorted out stuff to sell/trade. Trying to be more sensible with my money. So far it is no fun at all!

Anywho, here's a preview of my Christmas outfit! Not really figured out the rest yet...

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