Friday, 4 September 2015

Harry Potter Studios

On Tuesday 1st of September, it was time to return to Hogwarts!

I ended up leaving a little later than I had planned as mum decided to give me chores just as I was leaving! After dropped my bag off at my hostel on Edgware Road, I headed to Watford Junction to meet some sharkies!

We headed to Tinseltown for lunch, and I had the BEST MILKSHAKE EVER. It was super expensive but chocolate brownies are sooo yummm. My burger wasn't great, but the fries and dips were!

We met more sharkies outside the Harry Potter Studios!

I took way too many photos in there, but everything was so awesome!

It's amazing how many oil paintings were made!

Umbridge's office was my favourite part. So much pink! And kittens! It was someone's job to film kittens playing to put on the plates!

Erf ter Hergwertz

I want a hippogriff!

Love all these technical sketches!

So huge!

We ended up spending about 4 hours at the studios in total, which was much longer than I was expecting. I'd love to again, hopefully when I have more money to spend in the shop as there were so many awesome things!

I just ended up getting these after trying to talk myself out of the scarf. I really shouldn't have bought it, it was almost £30...

The bottom bunk was really hard to get into when I got back, but I fell asleep pretty quickly!

Ended up leaving the hostel early as had to be out by 10 anyway. Sat in Hyde Park for barely 5 minutes before a guy started talking to me and sat by me and wouldn't go away. So I shared the spliff he offered me and then ran away afterwards and wigged out in Paddington Green for a bit before meeting the others at Marylebone haha oh god I cannot adult.

Erika with the giant camel in Hamley's!

Spent aaaages in the Disney Store! I wish I had more moneyyyy so many Tsum Tsums!

Group shot on the pumpkin carriage!

Instead of going to the museum for the bigger sharkie meet, I chose to stay out shopping. But soon left to spend a few hours back at The Green Man reading because I was too tired to do much else.

My little Disney haul! Can tell Halloween is coming.

Cute gifties from Katelyn!

So exhausted now, feel super ill. Had such a good time though! I think I may have to recover for a bit before I write up my posts about Reading as it seems a bit overwhelming right now.

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