Saturday, 22 August 2015

Black Milk Dream Pieces & Solestruck

So ages ago Black Milk and Solestruck had a shoe collaboration. I finally scored a cheap(-ish) pair on Ebay, so I thought I'd write a little review (as well as sharing some of my other recent Ebay buys).

While £40 is expensive to me for shoes, I figure these will have an okay resale value. The box is a bit battered, but it's clear that the shoes themselves have never been worn.

These are Jovy-Anne Burned Velvet boots. I'm not a huge fan of the boot style, if I'm honest. I didn't realise that the toes were slightly pointed, which makes them a bit tight on my wide feet. The fabric also has an odd they're too shiny to be a nice black. They will match a lot of things though, so I'll probably wear them a fair amount anyway.

The seller also had a Freak Stew Skater Skirt up for sale. I've liked this print for a while (even though it's creepy as), so I figured I'd risk it even though it's a size smaller than I usually buy. It fits exactly the same as my other skirts anyway though, if not bigger!

From a different seller I managed to get a dream piece in the form of Ouija Board Leggings. These are also an XS, so the seams stretch a lot on the butt & crotch. But they fit so much better on my legs than S do!

And then there's ultimate dream piece! Someone wanted to sell theirs and must have seen me comment on a thread that I was looking for it as they messaged me directly, which was a nice surprise. And so, the Bone Machine Vs Galaxy Blue Inside Out Dress is mine! Just hoping it suits me, even though I'll keep it either way.

And the Galaxy Blue Scoop Skater, as someone happened to post one for sale the same time I posted a WTB for one! It's my first XS skater, and of course it fits better than all my others...although I do like to layer underneath in Winter, which wouldn't be comfortable in this one!

And impulse Ebay buy of New Liquids Leggings in the hope that they'll fit better than my Slicks! Sadly they have quite a lot of that annoying golden sheen than PVC tends to get, and there's no way my mum would let me wear them anyway... So much shiny!

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