Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Spirithoods Grey Wolf

A few months ago I bought a Grey Wolf from Ebay, but ended up getting refunded as the seller was in hospital and their other half posted it but it rather conveniently got lost in the post (all sounds like bull to me), but I managed to get tempted by another one.

The hood! The seller accidentally send me their sticky tape too, which I find endlessly amusing. There is also a label of their name sewn onto the inside! But other than that, aside from not being quite as soft as my other hoods, it appears to be in great condition.

I'm a little saddened by how much brown there is in it, as I'd prefer it to just be grey as it would match with things a lot better.

I feel so stupid wearing these things, but they're so comfortable! Still gutted I got HB3 in my Aurora Kitty as the headphone parts are kind of painful on my ear piercings.

On a hood ban now, only BM collaborations for me in future! I think a Galaxy Fox will be out soon, which I look forward to!

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