Thursday, 1 October 2015


I made a fail of an H&M online order a week or so ago, so I had to return pretty much everything (the XS top was too small, the S top was too big, the Pusheen nightie was just vile). But it was a good excuse to out for the day by myself!

Couldn't resist grabbing a sharkie drink before getting the bus.

After returning the stuff to H&M in Bath and popping into Topshop, I got my tragus changed to a shorter bar and a cheeky rook piercing from Broad Street Studio. Most of my reason for this trip was that I need an old piercing checked out, but apparently it's fine!

Then it was chill time while I ate lunch at my favourite spot in town - Norfolk Crescent. After a few chapters of Goblet of Fire I hopped on a bus to Bristol.

Tried on such a pretty dress in H&M!

And silly little boy's pjs in Primark. Not sure about keeping them as the bottoms are too short and have...erm..."room" in the crotch haha.

Full haul! Jeans from H&M, blood necklace from Topshop, the rest from Primark. I had intended to get some Yankee Candle Halloween stuff but felt uncomfortable in the store, so I ordered some online instead!

I'll admit, I did more sitting and reading than shopping on this occasion!

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