Wednesday, 14 October 2015

BMC: September

Wow, September went so quickly! And it also brought the much anticipated return of bigger, less frequent releases. There were actually two releases this month, but hopefully they will go back to being just monthly (my bank account would very much appreciate it...). It also saw the return of the customs fairy, so I got a few packs customs free which obviously saved me A LOT of money.

Due to the decreased release frequency, it seems appropriate to go back to a post per release rather than posts by month in future. But for now, I'll stick to the old format.


The first release of the month used old prints in new forms.

The first item of the month for me was the St Vitus Vs Teal Galaxy Inside Out Dress. I loved the St Vitus print since the play dress was released but the cut wasn't for me, so I was very excited when this one was announced! The teal is also just such a gorgeous colour, although I feel I need a belt for break it up a bit. Still think I'm buying a size too big in IODs, but sticking to it anyway since I already have all the others in that size...

Second was another piece I'd been looking forward to for ages - the Black Lace Skater Dress. I bought the Lilac Lace Skater Dress last year and found it a bit baggy, so I sized down for this one. Sadly the cut seems a bit different and the material is nowhere near as stretchy, so it's a tad tight on my bust. Looks much better on the waist, though!

You may also notice the legwear in both of the above photos as being new too. They are the Barcode Hosiery, and I must admit I'm not sold on them. My legs aren't big/long enough so they make my legs look lumpy where the gap sections aren't stretched out enough!

Next, another addition to me Galaxy Blue Collection, this time a Galaxy Blue Shooter. I feel as if the shooter cut has been made narrower on the hips, although BM denies this. It feels a bit too tight there though, while still being hugely baggy in the middle so sizing differently isn't really an option. I'm not 100% about this piece as it seems a bit washed out, but shooters are so comfortable on warm days!

Also more new legwear here, some Sporty Stripes Hosiery 2.0 since my 1.0s are starting to wear through in the heels. They're just perfect for shooters and touchdowns! I'm pleased to see that the new filled-in top section isn't long enough to show with this kind of outfit, although they aren't as comfortable as the old ones are they are slightly more restrictive.

To go with Aurora Kitty, the Aurora Skye Touchdown was a must. Unfortunately I didn't realise before ordering that they would be matte rather than checkered, so I ordered a sized down. This means it's a bit too snug on my hips to wear with shorts and yet not long enough to wear as a dress, which is a pain in the butt. However, this material isn't very flowing, so in my usual size I look like a tube. I just hate this fabric, it doesn't work for me! Which is a shame, because I'd wear the crap out of it if it had been checkered fabric!

The next two pieces were also from this release, but I bought them during the second release.

Can never resist pockets or tartan, so the Tartan Lavender Pocket Skater Skirt was always going to fall into my basket eventually. The pockets do kind of show from the front which is a shame, but I love it otherwise!

And again with the tartan, some Tartan Navy Toasties since I wear my red ones all the time. Definitely a bit sheer on the ass, but nothing I wasn't expecting and it shouldn't be noticeable if I cut out the tag.

Other interesting pieces in this release included the Disco Cube Evil Skater Skirt & Crossing Over Crop, Bootleg Lace Leggings, and Tartan Red Hoodie.


The second release of the month brought back museum pieces from weekly releases alongside some super old ones, as voted for on the Facebook page. This meant a second chance for me to grab the slouchies I wanted from the weekly releases, since I wear my Galaxy Blue Slouchy far too much!

Galaxy Purple Slouchy was the first one I went for. It's maybe a bit colourful for me, but this was the first print that caught my attention before I knew about Black Milk properly. However, I'm not a fan of this slouchy on me at all - I think it's maybe too pink?

And I seem to be developing a bit of a teal collection since adding the Galaxy Teal Slouchy. I prefer this to purple, but nothing will ever beat blue. Not sure where I'm going to find room to store these beauties!

In future I am tempted to pick up the Foxy HWMF Leggings as they're beaut, but I'm not sure how I'd deal with keeping white clean! I'm thinking I'll hold out for toasties in the same print.

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