Thursday, 29 October 2015

BMC: Lady Anarchy

Bit of a delayed post as it took me while to get around to taking worn photos, but here are! The releases everyone seems to look forward to the most are the Halloween releases, and I'm no exception here.

This year's collection followed the story of Lady Anarchy.

I'm pretty gutted that the Lady Anarchy concept outfit wasn't part of the collection, because it's totally babein'.

Post cards have returned!

Naturally, the first item on my hit list was the Dark Moth Vs Play With Me Inside Out Dress. The baby side is super creepy, but I regretted not buying the Dark Moth Leggings, so it would have been a must even if I wasn't trying to collect IODs! Play With Me also came in HWMF leggings and play dress, which are both still available at time of writing.

Next up, buckles galore! Here we have the Buckled Bolero, Ultra Buckled Bralette, and the Buckled Suspenders. I'm a little disappointed with the bolero as the silver buckles don't match the other items, and I figured I'd be fine with my regular size. I think I should have sized down as I have to tighten the buckles fully and that takes away from the buckled aesthetic. Also I had assumed that they would be attached by poppers or slip clasps so you wouldn't have to undo the buckles to put on or remove, but sadly this isn't the case. The suspenders are super comfy though, if a little loose on the legs.

Also snagged was the Buckled Bralette and Spellbound HWMF Leggings. The bralettes...I should have sized down. I don't fill the cups at all, and I had to fully tighten the buckles on both items to make them fit which, again, takes away from the buckled look. I'm hoping they will be okay for layering over skater dresses though, as a bra will probably help them fit me better (this one is fine, but the ultra looks so awkward due to being big!). It is worth noting that I am between sizes though, so if you match a size better than me you should stick to that! The leggings are great, so my worries about the HWMF sizing changes were unfounded.

The Raven Pocket Skater Skirt finally gave me another chance to nab the ravens print, so that made me happy! I wasn't at all sure about wearing white, but turns out I love the skirt. And pockets make anything better, right?

The last piece I got from this collection is easily my favourite - the Spellbound Reversible Skater Dress. The print is awesome, and black is my favourite colour. Win-win!

I'm hoping the pieces that haven't been made limited stick around a good while as I'd love to own a Mechanical Bone Catsuit 2.0 but definitely can't afford one right now after the £90 customs I had to pay on this lot!

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