Monday, 2 November 2015

Yankee Candle Haul!

Since Halloween was just around the corner, I thought I'd treat myself. I treated myself too much and made 3 Yankee Candle orders despite having no places in my room to use candles. Oops! And only getting around to posting in November...double oops!

A bunch of cat cuties! I'm still tempted by the wax melter too, but man I spent so much money.

Spidery things!

I wish I could get a whole bunch of these pumpkins. There are frankenstein and skull ones too, but I'm not as fond of them. Although if they make it to the sale I will be tempted! And the Pop vinyl figures I got in London.

I also got a bunch of little votive candles as they were a must for my various new holders! But I forgot to take a photo. I went for Vanilla Cupcake (I have an old room spray of this scent so I knew it was yummy), Fresh Cut Roses (roses are my all time favourite scent), Candy Corn, and Witches Brew. They all smell really nice, even before lighting them.

And despite the expense, both Halloween jars to go in the big holders. So yeah, I spent a ridiiiiiculous amount on these things! But they will last me a very long time, and I'm unlikely to be tempted by any of their stuff until next Halloween, so I'm trying to justify it that way!

What are your favourite Yankee Candle scents? I guess I could get a few more votives...

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