Friday, 6 November 2015

Bat Royalty Boots

When saw Iron Fist's bat boots, I fell in love. Sadly, getting my hands on a pair that fit was a nightmare!

I was advised to size up as the brand apparently runs narrow and I have wide feet anyway. The size 5s were too big. I ordered a size 4 which were marked as shipped...but they were actually out of stock. I had wanted to try on the 4 before sending my 5 back, but that never happened.

However, my refund came through quite quickly when I emailed to ask where my boots were, was linked to a site that had my size in stock, and I was given a 50% discount code in apology which I used on 3 dress (all of which I had to bloody send back as they were massive even though I'm actually bigger than the listed measurements for the size...ughhhh).

So yeah, already I'm thinking I'm not going to bother ordering anything Iron Fist ever again as their sizing is pants and the don't cover returns so I lost £15 just sending back things that didn't fit.

But yes, the boots! Finally got my size 4 pair yesterday from Attitude Clothing after placing my first order for a pair from Iron Fist on October 21st. In the end they were cheaper from this site anyway as first orders get 10% off! But still crazy expensive.

They definitely aren't worth the price tag in terms of quality. The plastic is hard and digs in at the ankles, and the foam on the bottom hasn't been filed down. And they STINK!

But who can resist bat wings? I definitely couldn't. I'm just hoping they give a little with wear to be more comfortable on the ankles and squish my little toes a little less (although they're only very slightly too narrow - I'd say they run pretty true to size, maybe a little long if anything!).

Intending to wear them with Holy Lantern tomorrow, but not sure I'll go out after all due to rain!

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