Friday, 20 November 2015

Spirithoods Galaxy Fox

Since I was fool and didn't get the Galaxy Wolf when I had the chance, I decided I had to have the Galaxy Fox even though I wasn't sure about it at all! I wasn't going to risk a change of heart when the prices could go crazy like before. Plus I'm a sucker for anything Black Milk related...

The pre-release for people who signed up was on Monday, so I ordered at 4pm on the dot when the page went up. The hood was shipped the same day and arrived to me in the UK from California today (Friday). So quick! I will probably get a letter from FedEx soon demanding customs payment though, which sucks.

I delayed opening it when it arrived as I wanted to do an unboxing video. Which I did. But it turns out shitty Windows 10 doesn't have any video editing software and my laptop refuses to download anything, soooo yeahhh haha. Epic Fail.

All-in-all, I don't think I got a bad hood. I'm a little disappointed that the paws aren't brighter, and I'm not really a fan of the red sleeve...but some were entirely red, so it could have been a lot worse! I'd have preferred more green/blue bits, as the only parts I have in those colours are the ears (and I'd have preferred mismatched ears, really). But I do like the more colourful sleeve. And usually I hate things and end up loving them, so since I don't hate it I ought to end up really loving it!

I do wish that Spirithoods would provide photos of more than one placement on their website, as mine isn't like the stock photo in the slightest! At least I was forewarned that placements would vary wildly. It seems like a lot of people are wanting the part that looks like a sloth face on their hoods, which mine appears to be lacking.

While I'm happy with the liner, the fur is a different story. It's really soft and beautiful (although will need a vigourous brushing until the moulting stops), but I don't think it suits me at all. I look like I have a massive bleached mullet. Not really what I was going for! At least I know to stick with darker hoods from now on...and to never bleach my hair.

I'm very happy I decided to take the plunge with this hood though. I'm sure I'll warm to it even more once I get some Galaxy Rainbow Black Milk pieces back in my life (kicking myself for selling my suspenders! I sold them so cheaply as well...).

These are still in stock HERE, although it looks like they won't sell out any time soon (I suppose people are waiting for Cyber Sale!).

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