Monday, 7 September 2015

BMC: August

This month's haul is still too big, but rather more sensible. Had to pass up some beautiful pieces (such as a pair of killer leggings that carried a whopping £100 price tag), but all the black is never a bad thing.

The first buy of the month had to be the Periodic Table Vs Mathematicool Inside Out Dress for my IOD collection. I'm willing to overlook the mathematical inaccuracies for the pretty black chemistry side!

This is my non-sensible buy of the month - the Seagull Blue Playsuit. Annoyingly a crop was released a week later which would have been more wearable, but I have been wanting to try the playsuit cut and I just neeeeded it for future holidays! I love seagulls! They're my spirit animal.

I was also unsure about the Cathedral Shooter as I own a few items in this print already and am not sure that the artistic and religious themes match with the sporty cut. However I do love my shooters as they're super comfortable. I had expected it to sell out quicker though, and the black materials are different to before and not quite as nice.

I also jumped at the chance to buy the Long Sleeve Drape Hoodie as I wear my sleeveless version all the time with leggings. Black and soft and drapey = super special awesome. However, I wish I had sized up as it's not baggy enough for my tastes.

To add to my basics, a Tie Front Top. I love this soft fabric a lot!

Had I realised how huge The Comfy Tee would be, I would have sized down. It looks so weird if I raise my arms due to the size of it, but it looks cool otherwise.

And since I love black and pockets...the Merman Pocket Scoop Skater Dress was a must!

Oh, did I say I didn't buy the ridiculously priced leggings? I lied. I couldn't not get them because I'm an idiot with more money than sense (but that's still no money...). The Lace Up Front Leggings 2.0. Behold their slutty glory. I'm reluctant to try them on though as they look like they'll be miles too small.

And since I keep buying PVC despite never wearing it, the Crossing Over Crop. This one should at least be more wearable than the zip up one, although it's annoying that they're all backless as my shape doesn't allow for free-boobing unless I want to look flat!

Of course, the Lace Up Bodysuit 2.0 was a must to go with the expense legs...I'm kidding myself that it's a birthday present for Rob since I know he'll like it haha.

And layering pieces like the Caught Cheerleader Skirt are always good, right?

And I tried to resist the Rockstar Crop Vest, but the limited status always panics me! Thank goodness this was the last weekly release! The material is horrible and thick though, which is disappointing. You can still see where the net of the Caught skirt was pressing onto it in transit!

I really need to sort out a way of taking good selfies so I can post those instead of dodgy flat-lays in these posts. I'll try to figure it out before next month, but I can't promise anything!

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