Tuesday, 22 September 2015

InMe & London Chills

A while ago InMe announced their Overgrown Butterfly tour where they would be playing their first two albums in full. Both my boyfriend and I are fans, so we decided we just had to go even though it would mean a pricey trip to London!

After checking into our hotel in Islington (Central Station Hotel), we went to Oxford Street purely for Disney Store for Tsum Tsums. I also wanted to go to Drop Dead, but the shop looked so tiny so I was an idiot and was too self-conscious to go inside! But it was down this pretty alley.

Then to Islington O2! We ran out of time to go eat because we didn't want to miss Dorje, who turned out to be really good! I don't think Rob liked the vocals, but I liked them anyway.

We may have spent too much money on crappy Somersby...

InMe! Sadly I couldn't see well at all and was too sensible to try to enter the pit this time because I'm just too small. Boo! But it was a really great show, one of the best I've ever been to, I think. I just love both albums so much because I've been listening to them for 10 years now!

We were bad and grabbed drunken McDonald's on the way back to the hotel instead of eating anything nice.

After eating complimentary breakfast at the hotel, we headed out to explore London. Leicester Square was our first stop, with a look around all the cute things in Chinatown and a bubble tea stop.

Next we had chill time in Jubilee Gardens for a while to enjoy the unexpected good weather! I could have sat there all day.

We then wandered over to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey for a look about.

And apparently Japan Matsuri was going on in Trafalgar Square, but it looked way too busy so we avoided it and went to Forbidden Planet instead. Where I spent too much money but could have easily spent tons more...and then had a sit down at Embankment Place.

We wanted to go to a Korean restaurant for dinner but it didn't open until 6, so went for a pint in The Green Man before heading to Paddington for a burrito! Had a really good day, but we were both exhausted and achy by the time we got the train!

My haul! The InMe shirt ended up being too small despite being a mens medium -_-Plus the price jumped from £5 on entry to £10 when I went to buy it! But the CD was free, I guess. Clow key and Koro Koron Hamster are from The Kawaii Kollective in Chinatown, Tsums and Pop vinyl from Disney Store, Sailor Moon card holder, Pinkie Pie, and Catbug are from Forbidden Planet. It's a good job I'm not closer to London as there are too many cute things and yummy foods everywhere!

Writing this post is making me miss London already, and we only got back on Saturday. I wish we'd gotten around to going to Covent Garden for gelato...

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