Friday, 11 April 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: What's Next On Your Lolita Wishlist?

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival concerns something I am really really bad at...planning purchases! I have a tendency to just grab things on a whim whether or not I'm likely to wear it!

In terms of things I need...more chiffon blouses. They're so much comfier than other kinds, and look more elegant since they don't have the huge peter pan collars prevalent in the blouses I own thus far. However, I find it difficult to spend £30+ on a blouse, especially when I can't try them on beforehand as I've had some really ill-fitting ones in the past! But one in wine red, offwhite, and black would be nice.

I have been eyeing this one from Dear Celine for a while.

As for main pieces, I'm pretty tempted by Angelic Pretty's upcoming Crystal Dream Carnival since carousel prints are kind of my thing.

However I think it will be released during Glastonbury weekend, so I will have no chance of getting it! Probably for the best as it's the OP I want, and it's too flashy to be of much use in my wardrobe.

How about you? What are you desperate for?

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