Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Amazon.co.jp Order 3

More AP stuff was released, so I ordered through Amazon again! Service & delivery was great as before. However the Kera I ordered was out of stock, which sucked.

I also realised why there are no customs charges from DHL - you pay the VAT upfront on Amazon. I think this is great as it means you don't have to pay those handling fees which are what usually make something too expensive! The total was £44 which is pretty steep, but GLB alone cost £25 in England anyways.

My stuff! Apologies for crappy iPhone photos.

Day Dream Carnival tote with the new AP mook. This mook even has recipes based on foods in Angelic Pretty prints! This was ¥1,500.

I also got the Wonder Cookie stationary set which came with a little booklet. I don't know why I bought this really as I probably won't use it and Wonder Cookie is probably the only AP print I don't like. But I love collecting novelties, I guess? It was ¥1,430.

I also got a recent Gothic & Lolita Bible for ¥1,300.

That was a kinda bare and pointless entry, but I hope you liked seeing my new stuff anyways ♥

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