Saturday, 2 February 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: Week 5

~ My wardrobe turnover ~

Okay I have no idea what that term really means. Surely that's ditching a bunch of stuff and buying new stuff?

I really ought to do so. I own so many items that have never been worn, merely admired and then stored. I feel stupid if I wear loltia in public sometimes, and while I don't really care what people think it really dents your confidence when people feel the need to laugh in your face or slag you off loudly when you're just minding your own business. Or the good old 'how can you be so grumpy when you're dressed like that?!'. How about because I'm hungover, in a hurry, no buses running, and assholes like you thinking you get a say in my personality based on my clothes?!

Ideally I need to shed all the items I can't coordinate (such as my two poor Innocent World skirts that don't match anything I own), things I feel too dressed up in (hellooooo most of my Angelic Pretty stuff, especially you Starry Night Theater), and thing that don't fit (such as my Metamorphose mini-skirt that is made for someone with no hips, a bunch of things that are just too long, and my beloved but not-busty-enough Emily Temple Cute dress). My most worn items are ones that can be toned down, and so skirts are probably a better thing to hold on to than dresses. Even if I fail to get rid of anything, I definitely need to rotate my items around, and store them more sensibly so I can easily get to what I want.

Gorgeous, but too long, not cupcake-shape, doesn't match anything!

However it is tough to part with things, especially when I have no idea what price to put on any of my pieces and the fact that there is nowhere I'd feel safe selling at the moment. I always used to use Ebay but their fees have risen and I've been getting really screwed around by both buyers and sellers on there recently! The comm sales has been going downhill too, from what I hear (I don't tend to frequent it as I had to ban myself a few years ago...).

I'd like to instead dabble in a bit of classic, although I'm less inclined to now that everyone I know seems to be making the same move. I have always loved painting dresses though, and I really want an OTT classic dress from Mary Magdalene (and I've managed to avoid making an Angelic Pretty purchase that has the same dress shape so far, but I can't hold out much longer. Only didn't buy Little Bird's Symphonia as I had no money at the time, and trying my hardest to not buy Sweetie Chandelier even though it reminds me of Biffy Clyro haha). I feel that OTT classic would feel more comfortable than sweet, as people can't say you look like a child. Plus my boring brown hair would complement it better.

Right now I have to start thinking about what to do, what with moving back home at the end of the year (where there is no space for anything) and needing to raise cash so I can get the hell out of there again. Sorting things to sell will be really difficult though as my mum decided to put a ton of my stuff in the loft without asking first, grr! As if it wouldn't have been difficult enough anyway!


  1. Maybe try the FB comm? There is a European and an international one too. Seemed pretty ok for me. Lolita Sales in English is the group title, but I'm sure you'll find a few more if you search around a bit.

    1. I guess it's worth a try, but when I've looked previously it seemed to be full of people who comment that they want it soooo much but are soooo poor as if you'd hand it to them for free! But perhaps it's better now? I guess it's worth another try =]