Friday, 20 May 2011

Recent Purchases~

Well since my bank balance is finally in positive figures again after the whole being-attacked-by-lots-of-bills-at-once fiasco, I’ve been treating myself a little! All these things arrived today! I also have a package to pick up from the Post Office (not happy about this...don’t see why they can’t redeliver like the usually do and the Post Office is well out of my way =/).

First there’s this Hello Kitty X M.A.C. blush. I really wanted the bright pink one but they all go for so much on eBay now they’re sold out. I kinda wanted the light lilac lipstick too, but no such luck! But this is still way better than my old blush which is really cheap rubbish I’ve had for about 10 years (as a child I was very resistant to my family’s attempts at introducing me to make-up!).

Aaaaand another Muse tee! This is my fourth now bahaha.

My gorgeous tight-lacing corset! Need to figure out how to lace it properly and like what the hell I’m supposed to wear it with (I really don’t think things through before buying things...)

And *pan pan paaaaan~* my Vivienne Westwood bustier! I really shouldn’t have bought this beauty though as I have no idea what to wear it with. I’d wanted the black velvet one but when this came up in my size (or so I thought) I snapped it up. Unfortunately at an 8 it’s a little tight. I can get it on but it really squeezes my boobs! Also I get a really unattractive muffin top, but that’s pretty much unavoidable with stuff like this since all my flab seems to congregate there to have a blubber party or something.

(My boobs actually hang out more than in this pic...I couldn't get the back done up at first LOL)

Any ideas of what to wear it with? I’d originally planned to wear a black blouse under it but there’s no way one would fit under it! I’m having a hard time thinking of anything that would stop me from looking like a hussy!

Meanwhile I am giving up on this trying to eat healthily. I’ll still track my calories just so I can see where I go wrong and stuff, but eating 1600 or under is just seeming impossible and so gaining weight is inevitable for now! I bought more Skittles today (though I put them in the fridge so I can’t eat the whole lot in one go coz they’ll be too hard to eat loads of and also I’m probably too lazy to go downstairs to get them) and also a Creme Egg because they’re only 25p in Sainsbug’s right now!

Okie-doke that’s it for now since I should probably at least define some terms and skim over my notes before bed since I only have until Monday morning to learn this stuff (and Biological Psychology is HARD). Though if I do get my package I may post that up too =P


  1. Eee the Hello Kitty blush!! How do M.A.C blushes compare to drugstore blushes? I've always wondered if high-end stuff is really that good but I can't afford to experiment XD

    About the bustier...I think the shirt idea would look pretty cool. I imagine it'd look pretty cute tucked in a high-waist skirt too ^^

  2. I just tried it an it's a lot better than my other one! Although my old is probably the most rubbish one ever. Not sure how it'll look outside though, it might be a bit much xP (and yet I still want the bright one haha).