Monday, 23 May 2011


So today I finally went to the Post Office to pick up my parcel. Unlike any Post Office I’ve ever seen O_O it was huge and I had to take a ticket and none of the options corresponded to what I needed...ended up pressing the wrong button and being skipped to the front of the queue! Luckily the lady was really nice and I obviously looked sufficiently clueless to not get in trouble.

Stupid celga sent it by EMS when I asked for small packet. So it cost more to post...and they also ignored my note asking that they send the Kera magazine they have held back for me. I never will get to see that magazine.

Sooo Angelic Pretty headbow first up. No idea how I am supposed to use it...but I was in desperate need of a BxW headbow so I snapped it up anyway.

Here is my pretty Metamorphose embroidered JSK! It ended costing more than I had expected, but really like it. There is a waist-tie button missing though and the replacement button is also missing =/ Anyone know where I can find small white fabric-covered buttons? Oh, and there is supposed to be a bow on it. I only noticed it was missing when I had already bought it.

I had my Biological Psychology exam this morning. It did not go very well as none of the areas I revised well came up. I ended up writing one whole essay that had pretty much nothing in it apart from ‘err yeh, anterior cingulate cortex does error-related negativity’ because I could not for the life of me remember any of the cognitive control stuff! (Well I knew all the working memory bits of it but that did not come up). The language and emotion essays I wrote were not great either, but I hope I did okay! After that I went to pick up my research project feedback...but the department somehow lost mine. No one else’s, only mine. Joy. So I have no idea how I did in that!

Also had a little look around the shops after picking up my parcel as I had not done so in a long while. Went in New Look for some two-tone socks but there were none to be found. I ended up getting these shorts.

Aren’t they adorable?! I do not have anything to wear with them though xP I wanted to buy an usamimi headband too since I have been wanting one for years, but the nice ones were £5 which is pretty steep for something like that. Hoping they will still be there in the sale so I can buy of them went pretty well with the shorts! And another had birds all over it <3 Might hint heavily to my boyfriend about them mwahahaha.

Not sure what to do with myself now. I should be revising for my remaining exams but I feel I deserve the afternoon off. The weather is horrid too which doesn’t exactly fill me with motivation! So probably going to watch Dr Who unless I am struck by inspiration.

And also try to figure out whether to buy things or not! I had planned to buy a few things in the Muse sale but the nice ladies hoodie is not in the sale even though the male version of it is. I would just buy the male one but even the smallest size would be massive. The hoodie that is in the sale isn't that great. But still tempted, I could do with a new hoodie. Also I am tempted by some replicas. I don't even like replicas, but I cannot afford brand at the moment (well, it is more like my bf will murder me for wasting my money on clothes when he does not have any money). I'd like the sax Sugary Carnival JSK, yellow or lilac Milky Planet JSK (haven't decided), red carousel JSK and Gertrude (skirt has pretty ruffles but I like it in blue and the JSK would be easier to coord so undecided). But then I think...I could buy a brand piece or two with that money. Thoughts?


  1. ohh the Meta embroidered JSK is really nice! Too bad it was missing a few things :/
    I like those shorts too

    I would stick with buying 1 brand item instead of the replicas unless you really like those 3 prints.