Saturday, 28 May 2011

My first burando

Supposed to be sleeping after not having done any revision for a few days in order to be rested up for all-out revision for the next week, but distractions and awakeness bring me here instead. I had been trying to find a nice photo to use on here...with no success. Instead I stumbled across old item photos.

I was always a total bargain hunter so I never thought I'd own brand because buying from Bodyline was major splashing out at the time. I was the kind of person who would never buy anything that cost more than £15...and would begrudge paying that. Unfortunately that person is long gone now!

I stumbled across this Angelic Pretty skirt on eBay for £40 and I pounced on it. I probably should have given it more thought but I didn't think I would find anything for that price again (this was before I discovered the livejournal community, many moons ago).

It isn't a piece I've worn much, I must admit...I was disappointed when it arrived as the material is discoloured and it was covered in animal hair. The reason I have only worn it once is that the material is heavy and it flattens my poor petticoats. However I recently saw a coord with this skirt and I definitely think I'll dig it out when Winter comes around again. I ought to cherish it more.

...Well technically it wasn't my first brand piece - I already owned an Alice and the Pirates cardigan but it is not lolita style in the slightest. Also Angelic Pretty was almost instantly my favourite brand and has been ever since, so I suppose that is why it sticks out more in my memory.

Looking back it seems really strange that it has only been a year and a half that I have been wearing lolita. The time seems to have gone very quickly and yet it seems like it was longer ago!

Only a week now until my second year of university ends, and so I will try to blog more then. And about more interesting things. Planned posts. That have structure. Yes. The future.

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  1. That used to be me too! Never buying anything over £15. I'm still like that most of the time with regular clothing.