Sunday, 8 May 2011

New beginning~

Okay, I'm going to give this whole blogging thing a try.

Mainly because the one I keep at the moment on AJ...well the site isn't good for blogging. Too many spammers and no one actually reads anything I write.

That isn't to say that writing here will be any different, but at least there is an autosave function!

Not too sure what I'll be writing about yet. Hoping to do lots of things in the Summer like getting fit, doing some art and possibly learning to embroider, but whether these things will happen I cannot say, and I have another month of exams to contend with beforehand. And it's rather likely that I'll just post about the millions of items of clothing I want but cannot afford (probably going to do a post for each dream print/item just to loosen up my blogging muscles).

But anyway. Hi there =P


  1. im teaching myself to embroider ^^ i have a huge book on it if you ever want to have a look!

  2. Wow really?! I've been looking for something like that but couldn't find anything helpful on teh internetz xP