Saturday, 28 May 2011

Dream Sky Dilemma

Super tempted to just buy'd be my last brand purchase until after uni is totally finished pretty much since rent has gone up by LOADS.

But I don't know which colour to get!

Had originally wanted navy but after looking at the pics it doesn't seem to pop out that much. I think I like black most but I have lots of black already! The sax is nice too but I already have my mint Soap Bubble skirt which is maybe a bit too similar.

Please give me your thoughts, I don't have long to decide.

Knowing my luck it'll have sold out completely by the time I decide. Went back for that usamimi band today after waiting to hear bf's opinion and him saying it looked stupid and then thinking 'fuck it, I'll get it'. But it was gone so I had to order online and pay £4 p&p =/ GAH. Wish I was a decisive person but it will never happen!


  1. It's such a pretty print! I got the skirt in navy.
    I like darker colors so my next choice would have been black. It's okay if you get more black because then you already have many things to coordinate it with. I dunno, it's just my opinion.

  2. I tried for black in the end, no idea if I was successful or not though! I think the print stands out a lot better on the darker ones =3

  3. GAH wasn't successful, there's still sax and pink in US store but can't decide =/ and my jp shopping service still has my money =[