Saturday, 14 May 2011

Dream Sky~Kattobingu!

My day today has been rather centred around Angelic Pretty. (Of course, it should have been centred around revising for my imminent Cellular Neurobiology exam that I am doomed to fail, but I digress).

I happened upon scans from the new Angelic Pretty catalogue (see here) and my goodness. It was love at first sight.


Dream Sky.

And what a dream it is!

I’d been interested in it since seeing a few scans floating around Tumblr, but that skirt is simply divine! And the navy isn’t a colour I’d usually plump for, but I think it really suits the print (although if buying I’d be tempted to go for lavender instead since I already own things to coord with it. But then I guess there *is* pink in the print...)

And so I’m in yet another dilemma! Do I try to buy it or not?

If I decide to I’ll need to act quick to get someone on board to go fetch it in store, since I’m usually far too slow for the online things and reservations would probably need to be done through a shopping service anyway. But the skirt is £130 not including all the faff that comes with buying online. That’s quite a lot for what seems to be a few layers of see-through material. But there is no denying that my life would be greatly improved with such a glorious skirt in my arsenal, no? Merely cropping the scan to just the skirt and posting it on Tumblr has gained me over 200 notes and a few new followers!

But then it would just be one treat to get me through the Summer. Which I could do with since it looks like my planned Bodyline order needs to be postponed until DHL comes back since EMS is far too expensive.


Also I watched RinRin's interview that was posted on the US site and golly am I jelly. I know it's silly, but I wish I could be an Angelic Pretty model! But naturally that is impossible for many reasons...the fact that there is no store in the country, that I'm short and plump and unattractive and painfully camera-shy. But a girl can dream. Dream Sky. KATTOBINGU~


  1. Ahhh that skirt is SO adorable ( * o * )

  2. It's like a fairy kei lolita twist. I love the sax version. <3