Tuesday, 19 November 2013

London Adventures, Part 1

Last weekend I went to London with Rob! We were only there for 3 days, but it might take me a while to post everything as I'm busy with a new (awful and badly paid) job. I also managed to spend about 2 months worth of wages despite having nothing physical to show for it. Blah.

We got to town way too early due to how the buses turned out, so we had cute drinks before catching the train.

We didn't get to our hotel until 4pm as it took us a long time to travel (also £7 each for going on one tube for a few stops, whaaaa). We stayed in Travelodge Kings Cross Royal Scott, and I implore you to NEVER STAY THERE. The staff on the counter were really disinterested, our bed was too broken to use and was smaller than stated anyway (was supposedly king size, but was smaller than my double), no shower gel or anything, really squeaky pipes. We had to sleep on the twin beds that were in the room, but they weren't even the same height so we couldn't snuggle or anything, so our romantic weekend was screwed over. They wouldn't give us any money back or anything even though I was paying over £130 for the 2 nights. I was super shocked when the shower was actually hot, which probably says something for the place.

The bar staff were really nice though! Even if they were confused and appalled by my request for gin and coke. Student living obviously made me forget how weird a combo that is, especially since I used to drink gin in tea.

We went for a wander around the area, and gazed longingly at the fancy St Pancras hotel.

Rob by the tube sign!

We also spotted a fox outside our hotel window a little later on. It's a shame the hotel was so poop as the view from our window was of a really cute little park surrounded by a pretty crescent of houses!

Our search for food was difficult as everywhere was expensive and the veggie options didn't sound overly appealing, but we ended up getting takeaway from a really dodgy-looking place when we realised that Papa John's wouldn't deliver to a hotel. But it turned out to be THE BEST FOOD EVER.

I really wish I'd noted down the name of the place! Our food was pretty cheap and it all tasted really good, especially the pizza! We picked toppings to make it like a Hot Pepper Passion one. I want to eat their pizza again.

It's a shame we didn't get to do more, but we'd both worked the day before going and were tired and it was dark and blah. But we know for next time to leave super duper early!


  1. A broken bed is the worst! I mean, that's usually the point of getting a hotel room. I hope the trip made up for the lame hotel!

  2. ahhhhhh i hate when the hotel isn't what you expected, i can't believe they wouldn't refund you :(
    glad you got good food though so yeeeeeey