Saturday, 7 September 2013


Recently I have developed a love for restaurant-style ramen!

The first time I ever had ramen was at Yo! Sushi earlier this year.

I wasn't keen on some bits of it, but I figured it would taste great if I made it myself. So I did. Several times.

This was my first attempt! It took a really long time to cook as I wanted to do it properly with the ingredients all separate. I had to improvise with the broth, and it was also my first time boiling an egg! I also exploded a plate as I didn't add enough moisture when I microwaved my Quorn pieces! I had no spring onions in either, sadly.

Attempt 2 I made for my boyfriend. It came out much better and was delicious! This was my first time using tofu too. I'm not convinced by it, and will probably stick to Quorn once I've used it all up.

Attempt 3....I realised that my miso paste has fish in it. WHY. So I'd accidentally eaten fish in the previous version (I don't eat meat and never have) so I ended up just having noodles. It still tasted good, I guess?

Latest attempt brings me back to improvising with the broth (better than before as added some gravy granules to the soy sauce and sesame oil for extra flavour). Still tastes great, but does anyone know of any better easy broth alternatives? Or anywhere to get miso that doesn't contain fish? I had no spring onions again too, must get myself stocked better!

My love for ramen will surely continue. My old favourite was stir fry but this is a slightly healthier alternative due to lack of oil used in cooking it. Do you guys love ramen too?

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  1. Sometimes I like to crack the egg in when the noodles are boiling. It kind of reminds me of egg drop soup. There are also vegetable broth/stock that you can use.