Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Kitty-Cats Everywhere!

Cat theme seems to be a trend right now, and I'm really thankful for it! So it means I've bought far too many new items of clothing recently.

I bought these items a few weeks ago now. Lace and cat underwear sets, shoes, and shirt are from Primark. The skirt is from H&M. I wish it fit better, but there's too big a difference between my waist and hip measurements! I also bought a pack of Twix and Enter Shikari's 'Tribalism'.

Shirt and skirt worn. The shirt is actually from the men's section, but I like wearing it oversized or tied at the waist to make it a more feminine cropped style.

I got these last week. Everything is from H&M. I also got cute frilly lingerie in the sale but I didn't take a photo!

And completely unrelated, but Victory Over The Sun vinyl and a Rory C shirt to cut up in prep for Warped Tour!

In summary, I really need to stop buying clothes!

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