Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Recent Purchases!

I feel like I've been letting the fashion side of my blog down for quite a while, so I'd like to share some of my most recent buys!

The week I graduated I managed to convince my parents to buy a few little bits in town.

This stuff only cost about £20 in total. The clothes are from Primark, the shoes from Barratts, and the nail polishes from Boots.

A couple weeks back I went shopping with Sophie, and bought a little bunch of cute things!

The skirt and socks were from Primark and the bracelets and top were from H&M.

I also ordered this H&M skirt when I got home as they only had a size too small and a size too large in store. I added some bracelets to my order. They arrived just after I had been shopping again and finally found frilly ankle socks in Topshop! The Enter Shikari vinyl arrived in the post the same day too!

Here's the photo I took when in store trying on things I bought! I do love this skirt so much, but it is really short and blows up really easily if there's the slighted bit of wind...

After tons of agonizing I decided to risk buying some Juju jellies!

I got them in a UK4 and sadly they are a little small as I had suspected, but only in width. A UK5 would have been massive, so I guess I'll just have to deal with it. Hoping they'll stretch out as I'd wanted to be able to wear them with thick tights in Winter as they're far too cute for use in Summer only! They remind me of the 90s as I had a pair of flat ones when I was little. So sparkly~

Then there's my programme and line-up vest from Reading...

And lastly, I made an order from the Enter Shikari webstore at the end of July. I only just got the package as the first one got lost in the post. I had to threaten to make a Paypal claim if they didn't send proof of postage (so I could claim insurance from Royal Mail) before they offered to send the items again (they had clearly intended to just have me do nothing as 'bawww it was the mail, it wasn't our faultttt' but no way was I losing £60 of they'd sent it standard class postage despite my paying £12 for the privilege! Unimpressed.).

At least the items are great now they're here. I was worried that the shorts would be too small but they fit perfectly. The sweater is fine too. The tiny item is a little pin badge I bought for my brother, and also got another vinyl and a rubber bracelet.

I guess I did a lot of shopping afterall, huh? And hopefully there are many more buys to be had this weekend as Frock On is finally here! I'm hoping to buy something that's classic or sweet since you can tell I've been wearing a lot of black and very few pastels recently, but don't be surprised if I come back with more Angelic Pretty...

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  1. It's great when you're able to find full outfits and accessories. I feel like when I shop, I come out with only bottoms or only tops but rarely both.
    At one point, I was looking online for jellies too, but I resisted! They're really cute though.