Thursday, 8 August 2013

Crescent Moon

The 6th of August marked the one year anniversary of the Imperial Tattoo Company! To celebrate they held a free tattoo day with lots of cake!

This was the flash sheet for the day. I really liked the envelope design, but thought it was a bit much to get on impulse, so I plumped for the crescent moon design. I was a bit cheeky and cut off the starts...and rotated it...and refused to get it filled.

Excuse terrible photo (and flabby back), it's kinda hard to get myself! I can only just reach it to apply cream Dx

Turns out the shop did 29 tattoos that day!

Wonder if they'll do the same next year? I kind of hope so. Hopefully I'll be living closer to Bath again soon so I can go back for a foot touch up and more tattoos in the mean time.

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