Saturday, 10 November 2012

Tattoo Time!

For a while now I have been debating with myself over whether to get a tattoo or not. I'm a very fickle person by nature, but I figured why not? It doesn't have to be big, and it can be somewhere hidden. I already have to live with the hundreds of ugly moles all over my body, so what difference will a bit of ink make haha.

So I decided to get something small just in case it really hurt! A puzzle piece in fact. Which I like because I'd considered a puzzle piece before I was even old enough to get a tattoo, but had forgotten about it until I saw it on Simon Neil.

So yeah I guess I kinda got a band tattoo. Guessing that's what everyone will assume anyway, which is fine by me. But it means more than that. Coz life is pretty much like puzzle. You think you've got it all figured out, and got all the pieces together. But then you find out you were wrong, and it can all fall apart again! So this is a reminder to just keep trying, I guess.

BOOBIES! And yeah just after it was done. I was really surprised because everyone says that's the worst place to get a tattoo but the pain really wasn't too bad. Some bits it hurt more, but most of it was absolutely fine.

Close-up. I hadn't realised how lumpy and fatty my back was before but oh well! The tattoo isn't perfect by any means, but hey it was free (my cousin did it for me) so I'm not really that bothered. I don't think it notices unless you look really close up anyway, and since it'll usually be covered it doesn't matter xP

As for whether I'll get any more, I don't know. I had a few bits in mind (some lyrics, and the swallow from Poetry of the Deed), but while it was okay the pain made it really drag and it was only a tiny tattoo that took 5 minutes. I'm not sure I would want to put up with much more than that! Plus I'd want to get any more done properly and I really don't have money at the moment.

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