Saturday, 3 November 2012

MUSE 30-10-12

On Tuesday I went to see Muse again!

The journey was really stressful. Dad picked us up an hour late, then we got stuck trying to get out of Bath for an hour, and it ended up taking over 3 hours in total to get to Birmingham. We got to our seats just as Joy Formidable were finishing, which is a shame as I know they're really good (I saw them at Reading last year).

I was a little worried that Muse wouldn't be so good due to over-reliance on showy sets and the like, and was definitely feeling a little miffed about paying for 2 £55 tickets when we only ended up seeing one band. But I can safely say they were totally worth the money!

The set was flashy with lots of moving screens and lasers and Matt's sunglasses showed the lyric video for Madness when they played it, but none of this overshadowed their performance! I think this was the best show I've seen of them, but that's probably more because I wasn't a huge fan the first time and I couldn't see a damn thing the second (although the setlist was better that time). And while our view wasn't as good as dad's (he had VIP tickets and was right next to the stage) we still had a good view of all the glowy instruments and stuff.

They played a good mix of the new songs (which, as predicted, have really grown on me a lot) and older stuff. At one point there was a roulette to choose between New Born and Stockholm Syndrome, which landed on the latter song. A lot of disappointed people, but idgaf because I prefer that one eheheh.

The worst thing about the show was the crowd. The standing crowd looked reasonably enthusiastic with a few circle pits breaking out and an acceptable amount of jumping and arm waving, but in the seated bits PEOPLE STAYED SEATED. What the heck is wrong with you people? The people next to us seemed annoyed at people standing. It was a shame as I felt really exposed stood up and surrounded by grumpy old farts, so I couldn't jump around as much as I'd liked (but obviously I'm too short for standing tickets!). The other bad thing being how old my camera is now; I hadn't realise how good newer ones were until I saw the photos the guy in front was getting!

This was the set list. I was so glad they played Liquid State as it's my favourite off the album (controversial! lol).

And I guess sorry for not posting for almost a month, been so busy with uni work and shitty personal shit has been afoot. Please forgive me xP And now to go eat lunch and then try to write an essay in an afternoon!

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