Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Spirithoods: Mother Meow

I told myself I'd only buy collabo hoods, but with a $59 price tag & kitty goodness, the Mother Meow couldn't be passed up.

Sold as a women's hood, I thought I'd finally get something cute that wouldn't be miles too big. Also I already wear my H&M cat ear beanie a lot, so it seemed like a good investment.

I also added a Midnight Phoenix Bracelet, although the vest I've been wanting for ages was sadly out of stock (not worth the customs buying just the vest when it was in stock, grr!).

Unfortunately it's still massive. I think a gust of wind would take it straight off my head, and it fits Rob's huge head much better despite it being sold as a women's hood. Which is disappointing. Also the fur of the Mother Bear looks a lot cuter as this fur is too shiny and straight. It's still pretty cute though, I guess! Hoping that customs doesn't burn me too hard.

There are a few upcoming releases like a Red Fox Vest which look adorable, but I'm forcing myself to resist. There are also rumours that the next galaxy items won't be collaborations with Black Milk, so I don't think I will be buying those either. It's a shame the grey wolf half hood never materialised as I'd have worn the heck out of one. I think my next purchase may be a grey wolf crop jacket when they finally get released, but to be honest I'm not too sure about that either since the jacket sizing was so huge! Although I guess they will be for women rather than unisex, but judging by this release that doesn't necessarily say anything about the sizing.

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