Thursday, 28 April 2016

BMC: Offbeat

I wasn't too sure what to expect from April's 90's theme release, but turned out there were a few gems. Most notably, the first IOD in a while! Also there seems to have been a resurgence in the customs fairy, with both of my orders sneaking through unscathed.

The Galaxy Supernova vs Tartan Punk Inside Out Dress seemed like it would be a big hit. People have been wanting the tartan on one since a rejected sample sneak did the rounds, and the galaxy side is the much anticipated reworking of the wildly poplar black hole print. However, it proved controversial since the site photos showed the print the opposite way around (with the neck seam being tartan rather than galaxy). While I'd have preferred it to be the other way around and I'm undecided on the brightness of the galaxy or the mirroring on that side, I do really love this one! Unfortunately my photo is really washed out, the colours are actually very bold.

I'd hoped for a Mint Pastel PVC Skater Skirt since the Fly With Me Panel Dress came out in the Wonderlust Collection. I did consider the mauve one since I love lilac, but figured mint would suit me better and I already have a lot of lilac items to pair with it. There was also a blush colourway. Turns out I really love this skirt, although I'm not too sure how to coord it casually!

The In Your Dreams Cap Sleeve Skater Dress was a risk for me since I've cleared out a lot of my pastel clothes, but with only 48 hours to decide and lots of unicorns I gave it a go. I'm pretty sure I'll end up selling it though as there's an upcoming Unicornia release and I'm pretty sure this will end up on an IOD, but I really like it! So glad I didn't size down for it as it fits a little tighter than regular skater dresses (I do seem to struggle with my shoulders and back with pieces with shoulders even though I'm quite petite). This print was also released on toasties.

While undecided on the stiff fabric of the Caught Oversized Sweater, I just can't resist fishnet! Hoping summer is warm enough to get some use out of it. However I wouldn't recommend it for smaller girls. This is the smallest size they make and it's really big! It's even baggy over my hips, which by the model photos and the fact that this is supposed to be for XXS-XS girls I really wasn't expecting.

And since I couldn't decide which I liked most, I also ordered the Mesh Up Raglan Sweater from the Future Classics release. I feel like maybe I should have sized down for this one as it's a bit longer than I had hoped, but I think I'll keep it anyway.

There was also a Game Of Thrones release this month, but I didn't partake. Hopefully next month will be kinder to my bank balance!

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