Thursday, 14 April 2016


On the 2nd of April, Babymetal's much anticipated Wembley Arena show happened! I was in two minds about making the trip to London for it, but I have no regrets now!

After checking into my hostel, I headed to Camden for the afternoon to meet some sharkies for a wander around before heading to Wembley. Queueing there was a nightmare, I ended up in the wrong queue twice before getting into the arena. Then I was in the wrong queue for picking up my preordered shirt. Then I queued there to be told my reference had to be printed so I had to queue to print it out and then queue AGAIN to pick it up.

The show had to support, just some DJing by Daniel P Carter which wasn't so bad.

Then I met up with a sharkie and her friend for the show itself! We had matching Babymetal wristbands!

Babymetal! Haha my photos didn't come out to great, I had quite a bit of cider haha.

The lighting, set, and outfits were all awesome!

Ended up singing and dancing a lot! The setlist was a good mix of tracks from the new album and old goodies.

Really want to see them again! Hope they come back to the UK soon.

The next day I couldn't keep down my free breakfast, so I headed to the Spoons at Marble Arch for second breakfast before walking along Oxford Street and then going to Forbidden Planet before heading to my usual spot at Jubilee Gardens to chill out and read all afternoon.

Went for a sporty Black Milk outfit for the day. Ended up wishing I had worn something lighter as it was surprisingly hot! Especially since I did quite a lot of walking (I was lazy afterwards and got the tube back rather than walking for over an hour).

This was my haul from the weekend! A split top from F21, a shirt from Primark, Catbug keyring and manga from Forbidden Planet, and of course my Babymetal shirt! I wish I could have bought one of the other shirts too, but apparently they sold out super quickly!

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