Friday, 15 January 2016

Spirithoods Galaxy Wolf

Finally, the long awaited Galaxy Wolf 2.0! Despite telling us they wouldn't be making any more of them, a smaller number of hoods were made with new fur, new cut, and higher-contrast liner (due to many complaints from people who got very dark placements in the OG). I vastly prefer the original version, but I wasn't going to miss out on a chance at my grail hood (the originals were going for $500 even if the placements were ta).

At $139 + $30 P&P + the dreaded customs, it's a big risk when you don't know what placement you're going to get! Despite a few hundred hoods being put up for sale, they sold out very quickly and the drop was rather stressful. I got delayed in leaving shop floor (the release was at the time I finished work), and when I tried to get one on my phone in the staffroom it said they were sold out and I cried a little. But I tried the men's link and for some reason it worked even though they should be taken from the same stock. Result!

Since it was a preorder on the 28th of December and they weren't shipped until the 8th of January, mine didn't arrive until the 12th. A long wait!

Uh oh...

Considering this is supposed to be the galaxy purple print which heavily features pink, I don't think my hood really captures the beauty of the print well. It's super disappointing. Why so much red? Again?! And while I wanted a galaxy blue hood, I meant a new one, not a dud purple haha.

The pink ear is kind of cute, but the other one blends in with the fur a bit too well. Pictured on top of jacket for comparison.

Having said that, it doesn't clash too badly with other galaxy purple pieces (L-R: slouchy, toasties, leggings, skater skirt). I don't dislike the hood, and I'm sure it'll grow on me. It was just not what I was hoping for. At least this time I was prepared for this eventuality (I mean, it doesn't look too dissimilar from the stock photo), unlike the surprise red "rainbow" on the last hood. But there are definitely plenty of more attractive ones!

I did find this rather long thread dangling from ear, but there don't appear to be any structural problems. I'll never be a fan of this new cut though as it's too big which makes the sleeves dangle strangely and swamps me. This fabric seems a tad stiffer than the fox so it digs into my neck a little instead of slipping forward and stabbing fur into my eyes! Haha.

I'm still very happy to have been able to get one of these hoods as I didn't think I'd ever get one. I'm kind of hoping the influx of new galaxy wolves might drive the OG prices down though, as really the OG galaxy wolf is still my grail and probably always will be!

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