Saturday, 2 January 2016

Spirithoods Galaxy Grey Wolf Coat

I'd considered a Spirithoods jacket previously as I've struggled to find any in other stores that I liked as most of them don't have hoods. I was always put off by the ridiculous price. But then a wild Black Milk collaboration appeared, and a Galaxy Grey Wolf Coat happened.

I regretted not buying the hood so much, that I bought this even though I can't see myself wearing it much because it's so ridiculous!

It released on the 10th, and I had it shipped from Hopshopgo on the 18th. It arrived on the 21st. So still quite speedy considering the distance and time of year.

The fur isn't as soft as the fox was, but it's still quite soft (and shedding everywhere!). It's a bit of a shame that the panels don't blend better, but I guess it would have been a mare to organise them so the pattern would line up! Could be brighter though, I guess?

Part of me is sad that my ears are dark and quite plain because they're the only part of the galaxy print that actually shows, but then again that means it'll go with other clothing a lot better. I wouldn't have liked odd bright pink/blue ears that I have seen on some.

I worried about the sizing as the chart made all the sizes sound absolutely huge. I opted for the smallest size and worried that my shoulders might be too big, but it fits okay. I'd have preferred it a bit bigger as it's a bit snug on my hips (I can wear the smaller set of buttons comfortably on my bust and waist but definitely not on my hips!). However I imagine I'll be more likely to wear it undone to avoid looking like a huge furry tube, so it's not a huge issue. They definitely aren't flattering when done up as they mask all curves.

There are two outer pockets and one small zipped one inside the lining. I think the hood is super cute, but I'm not sure about the body. Sadly you can't really keep your hands in the pockets like I would in a hoodie as they're too high up and due to the lack of looseness. Need to wear it a whole bunch of times to give it a proper test drive!

Somewhat irritatingly, a Galaxy Wolf 2.0 was announced the day this arrived. I wouldn't have bought the jacket if I had known it would be back! I managed to get one too, but customs is pain. So I might sell the coat after all...

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