Friday, 8 January 2016

BMC: New Year Bling & Museum Sale

For the first time in ages, I have no more Black Milk orders on the way to me! Although that will change next week when the next release drops, but at least I have a 20% off voucher from December to use this month!

The new year release, New Year Bling, had a few nice basics I didn't want to miss out on. I think the fabric of the Burned Velvet Elf 3/4 Sleeve Crop was a mistake when they were trying to make green, but I really love the dark blue-green shade! Favourite velvet colour so far (I wish I had the legs for the matching Split Skirt, but it sold out immediately anyway). The Suspender Leggings are also much more subtle in person, which means they're a great staple piece! Although I should probably cool it with the wet look leggings as I have loads now!

I also got Bootleg Fishnet Hosiery as a replacement for my Bootleg Net Leggings which broke when I tried them on (stupid big thighs and stupid crappy fishnet!). They're a tad long, but I guess that's to be expected from OSFA hosiery!

Also while I tried hard to resist the Museum Sale during Black Milk's 5 days of Christmas, I ended up making a small order. The Burned Velvet Regal Red 3/4 Sleeve Crop is much pinker in person than I had expected, and the background is a nude tone. It's definitely not as nice as the wine pieces, but still good for layering, and nice to see different burned velvet patterns! And I decided to give the Neo Victorian Midi Skirt a try despite my lack of height. I don't think I would buy another one as it's definitely too long on me and I feel strange in something so long, but it's a gorgeous piece nonetheless.

Next week is the Future Classics release, which has lots of nice staples. However they seem to have changed the cut of nana bottoms which is disappointing because now they leave nothing to the imagination at all and I think they look super trashy. Guess that means no more swimwear for me in future as they have changed all the cuts to high-leg with no ass cover. Oh well!

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