Saturday, 16 January 2016

egl Wardrobe Post 2016

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Since my closet is still wildly out of hand, I figured I'd stick to the same format as last year and just post my additions for the year!

It's not been an overly frilly year for me this year as I've been focusing more on building up my Black Milk wardrobe. But I'm still not ready to leave lolita entirely, despite selling my favourite dress last year (Romantic Rose Letter OP...some day you shall be mine again!).

Linking to old posts even though a few of them seem to have lost their images:


Angelic Pretty's Mercator's Antique Shop JSK - I initially wanted the black version but missed out. I'm not sure about this colour on me, but it's too lovely to give up on just yet as the print is so detailed.

Angelic Pretty's Royal Unicorn JSK - have been having a nightmare finding anything in my wardrobe to match this, but the fabrics are so luxurious.

Angelic Pretty's Milky Cross OP - The wings sold it for me, and didn't own any cat pieces somehow (unless BTSSB's Lovely Sweet Room counts!).

Angelic Pretty's Milky Cross Skirt - I actually wanted the JSK the most but ended up with everything but even though it turns out it's shiny & scratchy...

Angelic Pretty's Belle Epoque Rose JSK - again with those fabrics ♥

Angelic Pretty's Celestial JSK - I adore this more gothic piece, although the darned pearls fell off when I tried it on & I'm nervous about sewing them back on.

Angelic Pretty's Celestial Skirt - Been meaning to sell this one as the waist is too big, but I think we can assume that I suck at selling things by now!

Alice and the Pirates' Horoscope JSK - Impulse buy as I'm digging navy a lot at the moment.

So I stuck to last year's resolution to pad out my darker pieces! I didn't realise I had so many new pieces until listing them like this, as my most recent purchase was way back in June. This year I will try harder to resist the temptations of Angelic Pretty!

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