Sunday, 27 January 2013


Last night our comm celebrated its 4-year anniversary! This year we went to Lollipop karaoke for singing, dancing, and boozing.

I failed at my hair but it turned out okay in the end, I think. Looking at the photos I feel that I look a bit Baby Spice...must be the high ponytails and fluffy jacket.

I wore my Jewelry Jelly set. I struggle to wear this as it's so OTT for me. And well, the jacket is just cray.

Make-up and nail detail.

Fabulous karaoke-ing! And peeking pettis.

I tried to get everyone in one shot, but the room was too small (I was right in the corner of the room with the camera).

In addition to karaoke, Amy also organised a loli pop quiz with fabulous (and very sparkly) prizes. I somehow managed to win, despite not even knowing that Metamorphose HAD mascots, let alone know their names!

Soooo looking forward to using that palette, I love sparkly shadows so much ♥

Afterwards we went to the pub! I don't remember much but somehow photos got onto my camera.

And a wild Bexy appeared!

Already excited about the next meet! May have to wear that ridiculous jacket again, and hopefully I'll be able to wear my lucky pack.

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