Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: Week 4

~Favourite thing to put on my head~

I'm not really a huge fan of hair accessories, and never have been. I was always the girl who get the 'omg you have such nice hair, you should tie it up!' comments, even though if my hair looks nice, why the heck would I want to hide it by tying it up?

I tend to just wear pretty plain headbands or bows, although my favourite at the moment is my spike headband from Topshop and it matches in well with my lolita style since I wear my engineer boots all the time.

Other than that, I wear matching headbows where I can, as long as they don't look ridiculous. Most DO look ridiculous though. The Angelic Pretty ones stand up too much, which looks silly on my super-flat hair. The matching Baby, The Stars Shine Bright one I have just would never suit anyone who doesn' have bangs. As such, I generally stick to my plain side-bows that I got from H&M as they're not so over-the-top.

A part of me wishes I could wear hats, as they can look really cute in casual coords. But they just don't stay on my head!


  1. I love spiked headbands! They are really pretty :)
    I know a lot of girls wear wigs with their bow headbands and lolita coords :)

  2. Ah, spiked headbands! They are sooo cool!

    Well, about hats... If you feel crafty, you could try attaching some little combs to the rims. I think you can get them in craft stores, or order from ebay - that's how those huge gorgeous hats stayed on a couple of decades ago. (And pins, but those only work with pretty tied up hair.)
    Hats are cool!